Icing Recruitment is able to provide a full service recruitment process for our clients. While many clients have their HR departments and teams in place, it’s often difficult to stretch people who are already busy. Outsourcing your recruitment function is the answer.


Our consultants work as part of your extended team and provide expert support through the whole recruitment process from understanding the role, the people fit and the process to attract and connect with the right people.


As Professional Consultants clients expect that we know what to do – that is the easy part. What is important  - is ‘Why’ we do it Our underlying beliefs and ideals. These aren’t just words to us; they underpin everything we do and say across all aspects of our business:

  • Impacting others  – To grow both personally and professionally

  • Being passionate  – Bring energy and enthusiasm to everything we do

  • Being present  – Truly connecting with people in the moment

  • Having fun  – Creating engaging business environments and having fun with people

Next Step

We will consult with you to find out the best solution for your recruitment project.

We keep track of the hours and invoice on the 20th of the month.

It’s a no risk -  high reward way of working together.  

Success isn't about how much money you make: it's about the difference you make in people's lives.

Michelle Obama