Foundation Leadership Programme

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

Simon Sinek

Empowering and engaging, our Foundation Leadership Programme is specifically designed and delivered through modules, where each block of skills is built upon the previous one.  


This process offers participants a programme with skills that support and encourage behaviour change with real deliverable results and accountability for learning and leadership. 

Below is an example of what we have established as being the most sought-after skills as a leader or manager across a broad range of industries.


MODULE 1 - Goal Setting & Communications

  • Understanding communication styles

  • Body language

  • Active listening techniques

  • Questioning for in-depth understanding

  • Goal setting & planning

  • Identifying priorities & achievements


MODULE 2 - Developing Effective Teams

  • The qualities of an effective team

  • Four stages of team development

  • Team problem solving and decision making

  • Communication and individual contribution for success


MODULE 3 - Leadership vs Management

  • Leadership vs Management

  • Reflecting on experience of Effective Leaders

  • Communicating Vision

  • Understanding Personal Leadership Styles

  • Leadership Challenges & Solutions

MODULE 4 - Delegation & Motivation


  • Recognition and appreciation

  • Empowering your people

  • The art of delegation

  • Understanding True Motivators vs Maintenance Motivators


MODULE 5 - Coaching for Improved Performance

  • The role of the coach in business

  • Skills for effective coaching

  • Coaching performance issues

  • New skill development

MODULE 6 - Managing Change

  • Understanding the value of change

  • Aspects of managing change in the workplace

  • Identifying a process for managing change

  • Managing people through change

- Graduation & Celebration

  • Participants celebrate their success of completing the workshop 

  • Managers are invited to hear the presentations from each participant