Connect Leadership Programme

Leaders become great not because of their power but, because of their ability to empower others.

John Maxwell

The Connect I Leadership programme builds leadership success for middle and senior managers leading in complex situations in today’s business environment.

The programme is delivered over 3 days – one day a month - in a way that connects the participants with the learning in every activity during the workshop sessions.  

Our content is based on 3 broad programme themes which ‘connect’ leaders to self, to team, and the business. 

Day 1Module 1: Creating Leadership Purpose | Vision

  • Understanding your leadership purpose in the business

  • Identifying your personal ‘Why’

  • Developing strategic goal setting skills

  • Identifying your ‘Leadership Brand’ & knowing what got you here won’t get you there

  • Module 2: Powerful Communicating Utilising DiSC

  • Understanding DISC to build self-awareness, knowledge & insight as a leader

  • Identifying your personal DiSC Profile and the attributes of other styles

  • Strengthening skills in communicating as a leader


 DAY 2: Module 3: Empowering Leader Behaviour

  • Strengthening leadership competencies

  • ‘Total Leadership’ – improving leadership performance in all parts of your life

  • Developing powerful leadership behaviours

  • Module 4: Inspiring Trust | Cultivating Influence

  • Building trusting teams - establishing trust as a keystone for leadership

  • Cultivating influence through values driven behaviour

  • Developing a culture & climate conducive to high performance

 DAY 3: Module 5: Strategically Think | Act | Challenge

  • Managing issues & challenges

  • Problem Solving & Decision making

  • Understanding ways of thinking

  • Managing through change

  • Module 6: Connect Knowledge for Action

  • Leading our Leaders

  • Applied Case Studies

  • Presenting with Power  



 Managers Invited to attend presentations by Participants