Foundation Leadership Programme

Empowering and engaging, our Leadership Development Programme is specifically designed and delivered through modules, where each block of skills is built upon the previous one. 

Icing Online - Foundation Programme

Icing Online is a blended learning programme – where we take the best of our Face-to-Face and then use technology to enable us to have flexibility & creativity to build stronger more competent leaders.

Connect I Leadership Programme

The Connect I Leadership programme builds leadership success for middle and senior managers leading in complex situations in today’s business environment.

Impacting Leaders  Coaching

Becoming a good leader is about striving to be better than you are today. Harnessing and developing your skills and potential through one-on-one coaching and mentoring can help you do this.

Bespoke Training


We offer a range of training solutions including conference sessions, team building, sales training and leadership workshops and have worked across a range of industries.

Our Services